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It is time to bring to the attention of Ghanaians and our leaders to face the fact of the real canker eating up this Nation and its innocent citizens. It is time these political parties put a stop to this blame game and start addressing the issues from the source.

They fight and seriously blame each other on who does what but fail to tackle the issue from the right angle. Now it is vote buying and I cannot actually tell what tomorrow brings.

They all fail to talk about the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) which is empowered by the article 233 of the 1992 republican constitution of Ghana to serve the purpose of educating the public on the constitution as well as electoral Processes. Or do we suggest that the NCCE should be laid off for the political parties to take over the job of educating the electorate on these relevant educational processes? I don’t get it and still not getting it.  I try to ask more questions in this piece.

Is it suggesting that, citizens in the Ghanaian community are just voters? Yes that is the only participations they offer in terms of government. Majority do not know about the constitution and their right so, how then or in which other ways do they participate in government apart from casting their vote which everyone does?

Do we say that because many people exercise their franchise anyhow without necessarily understanding the pros and cons of their actions and the politician vividly knows this so they play on the citizen’s ignorance?

It is only when the time is due for elections that you see many prominent politicians visiting the most deprived communities, just to buy the poor innocent populace with T-Shirt bearing political colors and pictures of candidates, 1, 2,5 or more like 10GHc just to win them to their side.

Some politicians even think the ordinary person can easily be convinced with a poster or calendars and any other “irrelevant” political paraphernalia’s to compel them dance to their tune.

Yes! This is the picture. Just go to some communities and you will get to know how some section of peoples can only vote base on just collecting party paraphernalia. Go to their rooms and see how these posters are used as wall paints and they (victims) are happy. They are happy because they lack the understanding that, when they vote wisely, the economy will be stabilized and they can indeed get money to buy good paint than rather using these posters for such decoration. Oh my goodness.  Who shall speak for us?

Some do say the plight of ordinary Ghanaian is caused by the citizens themselves but I bet to differ. It is not the citizens that bring the difficulties upon themselves but the failure on the part of government to create the enabling environment to help the citizenry understand the term “vote” and the individuals rights and responsibilities and employing them in terms of development.

How will Ghanaian realize this when the only institution empowered under the constitution is reluctant just because they lack funds, logistics and resources to enhance their operations?

Whose responsibility is it to ensure that citizens get the needed education in order to help them make informed decisions which will go a long way to help the ordinary Ghanaian and this dear Mother Ghana?

Now who should act to bring to bear the essence and relevance of the NCCE? Who shall speak for us? Tell me.

It is very sad to hear that, we need foreign donors to help sponsor the NCCE Meaning without sponsorship from elsewhere, we cannot know our laws that govern us?  So pathetic.

It is disheartening when an entire District branch of the NCCE tells you that they do not have a single vehicle to enhance their operations.

Where is the government  and what are are they doing? They cannot say that, the plight of this constitutional mandated authority has never reached their attentions. Never

Let us understand this; we have a working constitution as a nation which established the arms of government and their functions. We then moved on accordingly to institute the government and pay them for their roles by the constitution.  Now we fail to pay (empower) those who will teach/educate the users of this constitution. How do you ensure that the rule work? What is the essence of spending much money in providing syllabus, classrooms but inadequate staffs and funds to empower the teachers to teach the syllabus while students attend these schools every day?

We are also saying that, we can spend money on policy making processes as well as the policies makers but have to depend of foreign donors and partners before the people that the policies affect understand it? I do not get it and still not getting it.

It is very sad to hear people say “I didn’t hear about the NCCE since I was born. What is it about?”

They can raise money for their campaign, fuel their campaign cars, buy new cars car their campaigns, budget for the donations they have to make to Ghanaians during their campaign tour just to play on the ignorance of the poor Ghanaian but failed to address the basic need of educating them on making informed decisions. Is this not hypocritical?

I know they will employ and pay some people to be performing the role of the NCCE while the NCCE itself is abandoned and neglected. They will hypocritically be poising to be educating the “populace” during their party rallies.

The big question is why will they wait till campaign era that they deemed education necessary? This action made me to believe that, these leaders are deliberately gluing the lips of the NCCE to see their evil and selfish interest realized.

I think our advocacy groups are watching same as our social activist and able lawyers. Should we take a legal action against the government of playing on the ignorance of the people of Ghana?

Who will hold the front and speak for the voiceless?

Who will want this country move forward as the Gate way to Africa?

I know they will politicize this piece and the blame game continues or they will try to play their political game with this piece as usual.

Some will ignore the facts and attack me but hey! I stand up to be the voice of the voiceless. Do same and arise for your Country. The nation demands your devotion. Let us all uphold her and make Ghana great and strong because we are all involved. Ghana can never be strong when her children are ignorant.


By Akpabli Daniel sYao (

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