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A cry from Agordoe village

To live in isolation by oneself is not all that painful if it is for a reason that is beneficial to oneself but to be left or neglected to live in isolation is one painful aspect no man will be able to fathom.

To be treated like a piece of rug where no one sees your relevance is my case. Left alone with neither concern nor regard and just hanging among the bush is my case.

This is my autobiography. I lived among the many villages in the Akatsi South District Assembly for that matter Akatsi South Constituency and AGORDOE is my name.

From the time memorial, I have never seen any social amenities in my life. Provisions of Hospital (clinic), road, pipe borne water etc to enhance the cost of living are stories I hear far away from elsewhere.

Besides the absence of these amenities, I have tried my best never to fail as a village in fulfilling my duty and obligation in any GENERAL ELECTION that my country usually holds.

One year to any GENERAL ELECTION, famous and responsible people, name it politicians (men and women) in and out of power emerge from nowhere into the scene with mouths full of glittering promises for me. I will be living in paradise if at least 5% out of those numerous promises are honored.

My people experience flood always. I mean twice or thrice every year and I ask myself for how long shall this continue?

The most interesting part is that, these prominent people find their ways and means to pass through the muddy water because of the political struggle to capture the political power and after the election their presence is nowhere to be found.

These has been their hobby for the past decades but this time, I am not going to sit or watch my people throw their votes or sprinkle it for any blaspheming politician so that after the election, they (Politicians) go away and never come back until another four years.

As old as I am, my people lack good and quality education, they cannot read and write simply because the foundation is very poor. Teachers are not always in class sometimes due to the flood nature of the road.

If I cannot have junior high school of my own, then what am I for? Only a Political tool to achieve political purposes?

My people experience economic hardship every now and then, because they cultivate a land and all of a sudden, flood emerges from nowhere just to sweep away all the farm produce and if this will take them a year, my people just keep quiet and suffer.

Another annoying part is that, my people get sick and the means of transportation becomes problem due to the flood nature of the road and these constitute a lot to their untimely death.

Pregnant women lose their babies through these happenings. People with chronic sores who cannot walk through the flood, ignores their medical checkups, Teachers and students have to vacate a classroom for a whole term without writing their end of terms examination for that matter promotion exams because of the flood nature of the road. Where does my future lies? Do I have any future at all? Any leader for my future?

Anytime they come with tears on their faces as if they care but return with laughter to their various destinations. After the election, they forget knowing a village called AGORDOE.

I have poured enough of my tears. If and only if someone, be it a Philanthropist, NGO, social/Religious organizations or the NATION will hear or see these tears of mine and express any emotion; I will be the happiest village among the LOTS.


By: Agbanu Majesty Ernestina/Fafaa Institute of Media and Professional Studies

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