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Association of alcohol manufacturers commends FDA probe into Adonko Bitters saga

The Association of Alcohol Manufacturers and Importers (AAMI) says it has observed with concern the recent media publications about alcohol abuse at an event organized by the Angel Group of Companies, producers of Adonko Bitters, during the Easter weekend.

Chairperson of the Association, Adjoba Kyiamah, explains that even though Angel Group is not a member of the Association, the umbrella body of renowned alcohol manufacturers in Ghana felt the need to comment, as the negative publicity highlights the need for alcoholic beverage manufacturers and importers to demonstrate responsibility to their consumers and the society as a whole.

AAMI is made up of 25 companies that believe that socially acceptable alcohol beverage consumption is possible with a responsible industry.

“Members of the association are pleased to note the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) announcement in the media that it has investigated the incident and is taking action against the offender. The AAMI appreciates the role of the FDA as gatekeepers and so it is a relief to see that the FDA bites in addition to its bark,” said Adjoba Kyiamah.

Ms. Kyiamah explained that “even though it is the responsibility of the organiser of such events to ensure that participants are above the legal drinking age in Ghana and understand the effect of alcohol misuse, the sponsor of the event also owes a duty to ensure that the organiser is being compliant”.

In 2016, the Association adopted a ‘Code of Commercial Communications’ to regulate the conduct of their business in the advertising of their members’ brands; an essential measure in the association’s partnership with government and maintaining public trust.

The code ensures members maintain the highest standards in all their commercial communications including advertising in print and electronic media, packaging, merchandising, consumer promotions, product placement, point of sale information, sponsorship and research.

The AAMI was incorporated in 2008 with the objective of promoting responsible attitudes and behaviour in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This is the reason why non-member companies are being encouraged to join.

AAMI members are committed to being compliant with laws and regulations of Ghana hence the promotion of responsible alcohol consumption as mandated by the Food Advertising Guidelines of the FDA.


Source: myjoyonline.com

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