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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 13th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION: Constitute council and pay book and research allowance in two weeks, UTAG warns

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily


“Let’s exercise patience because two weeks will bring nothing but more pressure upon our president. I plead with government to see to what they’re ought to do regarding this issue”

“This government has fastened their seat belts to bear all our needs. I think the two weeks is even too much for them, they should try and do what they(government) promised these students before the two weeks they(Students) have issued government.”

“What the universities are saying is true, but if these teachers will wait for a while rather than insisting on two weeks, won’t it be better?

“His Excellency our president who is currently on the seat now should know that, too many promises also generate other problems. Certain previous governments also did likewise to the youth to win their elections. But because they couldn’t fulfill the promises, they faced the consequences.”

“I want to let my people know that, the beginning of everything is difficult. The government should have also calculated the deeds noted in their policies before promising the people of Ghana. I want upcoming presidents to analyze their promises before speaking to the public in other to avoid burden on them.”

“I want to ask students in the tertiary whether things are not working for them. They should just exercise patience and rather pray for the government.”

“Unfulfilled promise is like owning someone, so the government should fulfill his promises. I even feel the two weeks is even too much for the government to do what they have promised.


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  1. I think we should take our time and see what the new government can do.I hope the president will not fail his promises.

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