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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 14th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION: Warm up towards Duamenefa Gala semi-finals

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily



“I’m generally appealing to us all to maintain peace in order not to bring any run”


“By all odds it is one team that is going to win the trophy. It can never be two teams so my people should exercise patience in order to prevent any misunderstanding especially when one team realizes that they are about to lose the match. And to those supporters who come with “vodoo” should be noted that, if they try anything they will be exposed”


“I’m for Nazareth FC but I want to alert them that Klenormadi Bafana FC, their opponent, are very good despite they are younger but with great skills. I want them(Nazareth FC) to bring the trophy to Dzodze”

“Now the match has gotten to its peak. it is left with four teams so I want the officials to do their works as expected of them. The players should also put much effort to get much better transfer after this competition”

“I just want to tell my people that, unity promotes and empowers country. They should use this mentality to play the game and all negative thoughts should be ignored”

“God should fill us with unity as we come there tomorrow. I’m asking my people not to involve themselves in things that may bring misunderstanding, confusion or argument but peace to make the event peaceful and succefull.”

“I’m also suggesting that, the field on which the ball will be played be surrounded by the securities to prevent spectators and supporters from exceeding indicated border lines .”


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