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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 18th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION: Speaker cautions Akufo-Addo over office of Special Prosecutor

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily

Kofi Gbaze – Keta
“My urgent request to our President Nana Akufo-Addo is that we already have an Attorney-general so in my point of view, the creating of this office will also demand a lot of money whiles there’re lot of things todo in the country. He should do something that will benefit us instead of bringing more people on board to abstract salaries. I think he has to maintain the Attorney-general for the safe of this country”.

“This is an issue that we must deal with seriously because when we don’t take time, we will fall foul on our own existing laws. But if am to say that the presence of special prosecutor is not needed then that’s a fallacy because this our existing laws need amendment, they are as old as Methuselah.  This special prosecutor is not going to bepartisan, butAttorney General is picked by the president. When we continue with this Attorney-general issue, things in this nation will getrotten before we realize that there is a need for special prosecutor so I think they have to think about it and amend some of our existing laws totally”.

William Xegah
“I know very well that what brings benefit to us is what makes the growth of the country too. So if there’s a decision that won’t help the country, then I plead to the President to consider and pay heed to the people of Ghana”.

James Gbordomegbor
“Our dear President, your speaker of parliament has perused the constitution and I believe he is also a lawyer that’s why he made this disclosure so I suggest you look at it so that we can move forward as a country”.

Mrs. Adzaku
“I think the right laws that was instituted pertaining this issue is what will work on this issue we’re dragging, for us to move forward in Ghana”.

Afoe Mama
“Am appealing to the President that as the speaker of parliament has hinted on the law,he should allow the law to work in accordingly so as to use the money which would’ve been the salary for the prosecutor to support other works for the growth of the country”.

Peter Nanewortor
“The President has promise us with one district, one factory. I’m appealing that he use this money to build it in Ketu – North so that I can also get a job to do”.



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