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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 19th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION: Calls for Parliament, Judiciary to emulate periodic media engagement

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily


John Kanu (Jawara)– Aflao, Ketu South
“Until journalists come in, our MCEs / DCEs never come out to speak to the public about how they’re on the job. They have never come to us to explain how they are managing the affairs. I don’t know whether it’s the licking of the honey which is keeping them away from the Ketu South”

Emmanuel KosiAgbodeka – Aflao, Ketu South
“It’s the duty of our MCEs / DCEs to come out and tell the constituents how they’re working as a representative of our constituency but we hear nothing. Hardly do MCEs / DCEs come out to speak to the public. So I think it’ll be good for the media to emphasize on it”.

James Gbodomegbor– Alakple, Keta Municipality
“To be honest, I’ve seen it before within my constituency when a budget officer came to explain issues concerning the constituency during the tenure of Hon. Sylvester. I’m also looking forward to see how this current leader will also march on”.

Pastor Brain Sevor – Agbozume Logove, Ketu South
“It would be a-dream-come true for us in Ketu South if our MCE and MPcome out of their offices for us the constituents to at least see them or hear their voices on radio once in a while. I am saying this because most of us in the constituency can hardly identify Hon. FifiiKwetey in-person”.

Kofi Gbaze– Keta, Keta Municipality
“Our former MCE, Hon. Sylvester, under the NDC government was humble and eager to bring us anything we needed to know as his people. It made even we in an oppositions those days to appreciate him for he usually takes his time and explain thing with some sort of humility. Also our MP Hon. Richard Quarshigah usually reveals things to us, so in Keta, things are fine and I pray the new MCE would do likewise so that the people will be pleased”.

Anyana– Ketu North
“Nothing of this sort (about MPs and DCE’s explaining to their people) happen in my constituency. During election they (MPs) stroll about from one village to another to do their campaigns but hide after they win and chose the DCE. The DCE must join the MP to go and re-introduce themselves to the villages so that in case of anything, the constituents can also get back to them. If it is not so then they (Leaders) will be in their offices and we(Citizens) can’t approach them either”.

Sam Ekpe – Anlo constituency
“We have to pray for our MMCDEs for strength before indicating the good and bad sides of them. Our MP does well in speaking to us whenever we call on him unless he has a meeting in parliament or there’s problem with the network reception etc. I remember the two MPs in conjunction with the assembly sometimes speak to the public either at Anloga or Abor”



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