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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 25th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION:I will not be dragged into media war – Deputy EC chair denies Charlotte Osei response

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily



Kwashie Keku
“We need to know the fact about this issue whether it’s the government that have determined to change EC boss or it’s the EC’s fault. The probe has to be taken to figure out this people who have been alleged to have squandered the state’s money”.

Peter Nanewotor
“My admonition to Madam Charlotte Osei is that she should sit back and allow the president to work on the information that has been given to him and how they will go through it”.

Emmanuel Agbodeka
“My urgent request to the president is that he should assemble all the workers of the commission (EC) to put things in order to preclude all this misunderstanding, because if every government is to change the EC Chairperson it wouldn’t bring progress to us”.

John Kanu
“This issue has stood against our election records because the whole world monitors our country when it comes to elections. But if this regime wants to maintain the respect that their previous NPP government left behind, then they should see to this matter sooner, but if the motive is to take off people who have been chosen by the Former President John Mahama, then he (Prez. Nana Addo) should put a stop to it”.

“My advice to Madam Osei is to take it normal since she happened to be the head of the commission. The police in the context of arrest would say “You should remain silent or else whatever you say may be used against you in the court of law” so she should remain quiet and watch them do what has to be done. But if she should find fault and accusing others, it won’t solve the issue. The government should also investigate this issue well to put things in order”.

Kwame Agbemalio
“Whenever you find yourself to be a leader at any work place, there would definitely be a misfortune. So if this current government has realized that there has to be some investigations into this matter, she (Madam Osei) doesn’t have to say anything but  calm herself for it to be done. She should also not be angry but rather corporate with the government to see what has to be done. Nevertheless, there might be people under her who would be envious or covetous of her position”.

Mrs Adzaku
“If the people around her are saying bad things about her, she should take it in good fate just as a child may offend his or her parents. No matter how complicated an issue may be, it would be resolved eventually. Furthermore, she should allow the president and the people of the electoral commission to discuss this matter to prevent any chaos”.


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