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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 26th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION:‘Unemployed’ NPP youth seize contractor’s equipment over jobs

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily



“They should exercise patience because this government has only spent 7 months in office therefore they should remain calm”.

“I’ m appealing to the people of this country to try and have endurance in this circumstance. If a government has promise to do something for us within 4 years and we start accusing and misconducting in less than 7 months then, it doesn’t speak well of us”.

“They have to be calm because the President can’t fulfill all the promises he has made within 7 months instead of four years. At least if all these confusions should begin in a year or two years time it would’ve been somehow tolerated”.

“They should give the government sometime because they’ve just taken over power, for the president to be able to fulfill his promises”.

“This particular issue is taking over the whole country. Even here in Anloga, our station has been taken away from us because some irate youths are claiming their party is in power, and this has rendered us jobless. But my advice to those people (The irate youth) is that it’s not the one in power that matters but how long they will stay in power. They should just allow Ghanaians to leave in peace”.


“Those youth should behave in order for the president to do what he has promised. Else he might use it as an excuse and would not fulfill his promises”.



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  1. That youths are running out of patience! How long will they have to wait?,after one year?,or two.

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