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Public opinion on Fafaa FM Agoo Morning Show: 27th July, 2017

ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION:Female teachers in deprived communities are sexually harassed – GNAT

TIME: 6:20AM – 6:30AM- Daily



“Even some female students are also facing these same ordeals as the female teachers. I’ll advice that everyone engaging in this misconduct should put a stop to it. Also, the authorities and supervisors should ensure that teachers posted to circuit are given safe environments or houses to stay and feel at home in order for them to teach the students to standard for the growth of the country”.

“Some of these female teachers who have been sent to some of our communities are very young and beautiful and that’s what making some people to go after them.  I will plead with the assemblies and the educational directors to make sure that there is enough security at the places where these female teachers are being posted to”.

“This misconduct has become very common today in our communities. I’m appealing to the authorities to hasten up in doing something about this for the teachers to have a very serene and conducive environment for teaching”.

“Most at times some of the ladies that are been sent to this communities also have certain behaviors like their way of dressing which influences some men to go after them. My advice to the authorities is that they should ensure that they have connections with the chiefs and assembly at the communities where they are posting these ladies to so as to land them in safe hands”.

“My advice to the education directors is that they alert the leaders of the community they intend to send the teachers to, for them to also create a healthy environment for them beforehand and also see to it that their safety and well-being falls in the chief’s account”.

 “What I have observed is that mostly the teacher’s quarters in the villages are built at the outskirt of the villages making them to be far from town, so it becomes difficult for people to come to their aid when faced with this kind of harassment.  The teacher’s quarters should be built in the towns and not the outskirts. Also, the teachers themselves have contributed to this harassment in a way through their way of dressing”.

“I think the P.T.A and the board of the various schools should bear the cross of the newly posted teachers to prevent all this chaos. These newly posted teachers must also have to limit the way they have visitors because they are not really abreast with the environs, they should also look at the way they dress because that is what makes up their personality. I also think the government should prescribe some uniformed attires for them to wear to their workplaces”.

“Some people have decided to be evil doers, so I think the education directors should make sure they hand over the new teachers to the authority of the community before letting them go”.


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  1. Diane Mawuena Westcott

    Many factors lead to such sexual crimes. As mentioned, location of housing, lack of proper security, behaviour and improper or immodest dress. Whether or not the education board sets standards of teacher’s attire with uniforms for work hours, how she dresses when at home or round about the village is not dictated, so the same problem would exist. Women need to stop advertising themselves as available through their dress and begin to value themselves enough to dress in all modesty. Just consequences given to attackers is important. The responsibility falls on all.

  2. Kpodo Kwame Peter Papa

    They must report to the police if they think they were harassed
    They were cause of their own problems, even when they think police were not helping they can heard to court

  3. ketaMan may the Lord be with you.

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