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The Secretary General of Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Federation (GWBF), Mr Agbesi Wilson, has commended the Ministry of Youth and Sport for the taking a bold step to summon the Ashanti Regional Director of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Mr. Joshua Mensah for comments regarding the ban of matches at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium on Saturdays without any authorization.

According to Mr. Agbesi, calling Mr. Joshua to explain the statement does not proof he is guilty adding that, after the finding are done before any such conclusion can be drawn, so for now Hon Pius Hadzide is just doing his administrative job which needs to be applauded.

“These are some bold initiative and steps he has taken that can bring sanity into the sports administration in the Country and we should all encourage such bold initiative and steps as much as the dynamism of the Minister, His Deputy and the Director General of National Sports Authority”. He observed.

”A new era has dawn on sports in the country since the two young men have taken affairs of the Ministry, even though they might face some challenges upon taken up the huge task of the Ministry especially with regards to last year, I think so far so good, they are on track and need all of us support. We are not been prevented to criticize their stewardship but we must do it in their right direction with facts and complete evidence devoid of insults and personal attack on the integrity of any body. All of us might have erred one way or the other but it is time we put the past behind and remain focus and provide the needed support for our leaders with our ideas and innovations, is only then that we can reach the dream land” he said.

He also noted that, the Asiamah- Hadzide led administration So far has done their best and need to be encouraged to hold firm the huge task in getting us to the dream land and with that he (Mr. Agbesi) has the strong believe that there is a legacy these two is likely to leave behind.

“Let’s give praise where it is deserve and lets criticize with facts and complete evidence”

The National Sports Authority (NSA) Regional Director for Ashanti Region Joshua Mensah has been summoned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) to come and explain why he made certain comments on the ban of matches at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium on Saturdays without any authorization.

Joshua Mensah had earlier stated during the launch of Asante Kotoko Africa campaign that the stadium had been earmarked for the hiring for funerals and other social activities in order to raise enough funds for the maintenance of the national edifice.


By: Wisdom Dovlo/fafaafm.com/Ghana

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