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Law School Brouhaha: Be Careful With Your Claims – Justice Sai Warns Students

Private legal practitioner Justice Srem-Sai has warned students of the Ghana Law School to be cautious about their claims regarding the mass examination failure that has entangled the school.

According to him, claims by the President of the Students Representative Council Sammy Gyamfi that an accountant was hired to mark some of the papers is serious and may court trouble for him if pursued in court.

Legal education has become topical in Ghana following the mass failure of law students who sat for the bar exams last year.

91 students out of the 474 who sat the exams passed to be called to the bar. A total of 206 law students are to repeat the entire course whilst another 177 students have been referred in one or two papers.

The development has sparked anger among Ghanaians as many have expressed concerns over the difficulty in gaining access and making it out of the law school.

Speaking to Starr News, Mr. Srem-Sai said there is the need for a broader discussion on legal education in Ghana.

“Allegations made by the SRC President of the Law School about having seen an accountant marking scripts are very strong and I am not sure he would be able to provide evidence when called upon to do so. From my point of professional view, I think the issue could be handled better. We need to have a bigger debate on legal education in Ghana.

“The law school does not organize just one paper to enable you to be called to the Bar. The number of papers to be written before being called to the Bar is 10. You would need to pass all to be called. I think the issue is something we should all take responsibilities for and begin discussions in making things right,” he noted.

Also commenting on the development, Member of Parliament Alhaji Inusah Fuseini said the General Legal Council is taking advantage of the judgment of the Supreme Court regarding the entrance exams at the school of law.

“The GLC is taking advantage of pronouncements of the Supreme Court to engage in illegal activities. In Regulation 1296, we don’t see the private body supposed to examine the students hence it’s not backed by law that the private body is examining students”.

Meanwhile, The Students Representative Council of the Ghana School of Law has called for a remarking of the papers of the bar examination that saw 81% of students failing.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, President of the student lawyers told the media and his colleagues, who were clad in red, that he and his executives will ensure that the Independent Examination Body which conducts examination for the School of law is scrapped.

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