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Sales Revolution whips up interest of patrons

The first day of Citi Fm’s Sales Revolution ended with participants yearning for more.

The event witnessed over a hundred sales men and women engaging experienced trainers on how to win in this modern era.

The event continues tomorrow with another round of insightful lessons.

For the third year in a row, the event had one thing in mind, to equip the modern salesperson with skills set to break through deals at the workplace.

The facilitators did not just lecture, but carried along their students through every step of the way with practical examples.

First, Sales Expert and CEO of Econet Media, Maxwell Dodd discussed the survival tool kit for the modern day salesperson.

“We spent time together looking at the sales man survival tool kit, every successful person in life has a tool kit. The journey starts with knowing the tool kit that you have and what must be in you tool kit”.

“We talked about interesting things like emotional intelligence. Gone are the days when the sales man was on top of the game, he talks and the buyer has to listen and make a decision today it’s the other way around”.

Sales Coach and Managing Consultant, Mawuli Ocloo presented on how you could accelerate your sales revenue. He breaks this down in four key areas which include;

“Many businesses actually want to grow their businesses rapidly, they don’t have time to wait and therefore there is always the need for sales professional to balance their activities so that they would be able to close more sales within the shortest possible time”.

The ensuing questions were evident of an opportunity to seek assistance to challenges confronting the modern day salesman or woman.

Some of the participants who spoke to Citi Business News were couldn’t hide their impressions made on the program.

“It’s been very good, I have been well educated and I am expecting more. I do a lot of prospecting at work so today’s program has equipped me a lot, now I will be able to prospect more, look for more customers and also sell more,” one said.

Another participant added, “I am a business owner and I have marketing executives working with me. Most of the time I face some challenges as a foreigner so I decided to attend this program to learn more about how to sell to Ghanaians”.

Meanwhile this patron couldn’t agree much, “I thought I was coming for business as usual, learn marketing trends and the others we already know, but this program is different. The resource persons are very good and I have learnt so much”.

Source: citibusinessnews.com

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