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One Of The Togo Teams Will Qualify For 2018 DSGM Finals-Galeagbelime

The NDC communication director for Ketu North Constituency , Mr. Tessu James Dotse Galeagbelime, after watching the matches between four teams from Togo was hopeful that at least one of them will make its way to the finals of the competition.

‘ From what I am seeing today, I have no doubt one of the Togo team will qualify for the finals. One can say that these teams really mean business from the energy they played with’, said Mr. Tessu.

But Mr. Galeagbelime was quick to add that even though one of these teams will qualify for finals, Nazareth FC from Dzodze will still maintain the Cup this year.

He then used the opportunity and advised all the teams taking part in this year’s Duamenefa Gala to strive for the Cup.

It was all energetic when Esperance FC from Togo Noepe, Requins FC from Togo Noepe,Azzah FC from Togo Akepe and  Anaconda FC from Togo Legbasito headlock with each other in a quest to placed their bet in the knockout stage of the 2018 Duamenefa Super Gala and Marathon competition.

Akepe Azzah FC   2-1   Anaconda FC, Noepe Esperance FC    0-1    Noepe Requins FC, Noepe Requins FC   0-0    Akepe Azzah FC, Anaconda Togo Legbasito    2-0    Noepe Esperance FC, Noepe Requins FC    2-0    Anaconda FC and Noepe Esperance FC    0-3   Akepe Azzah FC was the scores registered at the closed of the day.

From the scope sheet, Azzah FC and Requins FC have qualified for the knockout stage of the competition with 7 points 4 goals and 7 points 3 goals respectively.

Both teams expressed their excitement and promised their fans to ralley behind them for the ultimate prices.

Dzodze-Penyi Senior High School Park accommodated about seven thousand spectators that faithful day. Fans from both Togo and Ghana were able to entertained themselves.

Mr. Dovlo Wisdom, head of Fafaa sports in an interview also confirmed to www.fafaafm.com that the kind of style and energy brought on board by these teams were very challenging and was quick to advised the rest of the teams to fasten their belts.

‘These teams are playing a very tough game with style and energy therefore the rest of the teams needs to fasten their belts’, he advised.

Mr. Dovlo believes that this year’s DSGM will be tougher than last year as all the teams are not taking their chances likely.


Source: Ghana/FafaaFm.com /100.3FM




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