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We will Advise Ourselves Should Our Pleads Be Ignored – GNCFC

The Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council in the Southern Volta has asked the government to turn listen to their concerns for the ban on fishing not to take effect this year 2018 but next year 2019.

According to them the date for the ban is prompt and urgent which limited them for having ample time to prepare adequately before the ban.

This was revealed at a press conference held at Adina in the volta region on today the 25th of July 2018.

About two hundred fishermen, fishmongers and net owners drown from Anyanui to Aflao were present in the meeting to voice their plea to the government.

Mr. Seth Abotsi the chairman of GNCFC, who also chaired the conference agreed that some fishermen are practicing illegal fishing such as light fishing, using deadly chemicals for fishing, even trawling and the like which is a major concern to the council and the government at large.

He noted that even though they are partly to be blamed for the ban because of their attitudes, the date for the ban is too impromptu and urgent.

“we are not against the government’s ban on fishing but all that we are saying is that the date is impromptu. We are pleading with the government to postpone the ban to next year August 2018 for us to have more time to save part of our little incomes as preparation for the ban next year”, he pleaded.

The deputy chair to the council, Mr. Seth Agbo Kede said about two million people will suffer during the period of the ban because they all depend on the proceeds from the fishing for their daily livelihood.

He also pleaded on behalf of the fisher folks for government to see reasons with them for the ban not to take effect this year but added that they would be forced to advise themselves should their pleads not taken into consideration.

Mr. Kede said, “We would be forced to advise ourselves should our pleadings be ignored by the government. We are only pleading for the government to listen to our cry for the ban on fishing to be postponed to next year August”.

Some fishmongers were also of the view that the ban will prevent them from paying the huge sum of loan they took from various banks that they invested into the fish trade.

According to Madam Atsufui Yamewu, who is a fishmonger, the ban is really to going to affect them in every aspect of her life. She said even a day without going for fishing is like a year to her how much more a month. She therefore pleaded for the ban to be postponed.

The government has announced the ban on fishing in our marine waters effective 7th August to 4th of September this year to allow the fish in our waters to breed to the benefit of the fishermen and the country at large.








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