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I didn’t embezzle Assembly fund – Ketu South MCE fires back

Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) in the Ketu South Municipal Assembly of the Volta Region, Mr Eden Elliot Agbenorwu, has rubbished the recent media reports attributed to some polling stations executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the area, suggesting that an Auditor General’s report which was released in 2017 indicated a loss of GH¢ 98,000.00 from the Assembly’s account.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Today yesterday, Mr Agbenornu stressed that he did not embezzle any fund from the Assembly account and called on the people in the area to disregard the statement by some polling station executives.

He stated that the plot against him was lead by only five (5) polling station executives of which does not represent the views of the 208 polling station executives within the municipality.

According to the MCE, the executives were making such unsubstantial statement, ostensibly to get “weight” by way of creating an impression that he is not managing the financial resources of the Assembly well.

He explained that the irregularities stated in the Auditor General’s report of the Assembly was as a result of inability of the needy students assisted by the assembly in terms of school fees in various tertiary and secondary schools to return receipts of payments to the assembly at the time of the auditing and that issue as at now has been resolved.

He maintained that the students were pursued and receipts were returned accordingly, adding that Ketu South municipality is cool and everything is under control for the forward match in 2020 general elections.

“Some unscrupulous people are behind these few people and their agenda is an old hatched one to frustrate my work with lies, unnecessary pressure and frivolous allegations to get me out of office but I can assure them that I shall not be swayed by their destructions,” the MCE stated.

He pointed out that “almost all the five “aggrieved ” polling station executives in the persons of Ben Sedewodzi, Zimba Akoussa, Kudzo Adoglo have been very cordial with me and have been having conversations and it is just surprising to see a “u-turn” just because somebody told them to stand against their MCE.”

Mr.Agbenornu was responding to a press conference held by the polling station executives at Agbozume on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, for which they accused the MCE of misappropriation of Assembly fund, an exhibition of gross misconduct and disrespect to the members of the NPP in the area.

The polling station Secretary, Macfamous Kudoloh, who addressed the journalists on behalf of the polling station executives indicated that conduct being exhibited by the Ketu South constituency Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Wisdom Samuel Doe Haligah and MCE created disunity within the NPP and the party strength in the constituency is gradually dwindling.

He alleged that there have been misappropriations of Assembly funds which the MCE has failed to account for.

He intimated that there have been several occasions when the MCE refused to pay attention to their demands hence, attacking their credibility as leaders in the various polling stations.

But in a sharp rebuttal, the MCE noted that the postures of the five polling station executives were attested to the facts that they were ignorant to the administrative producers and policies of the Assembly.

In order to bring the people closer to the day-to-day operational activities of the Assembly, he noted that the Assembly has bought an air time and does education on radio every Wednesday on a varied range of issues concerning the populace and the assembly.

He stressed that the assembly is non-partisan and “I cannot say because NPP is in power and so everyone that comes to the assembly should be NPP.

“I am representing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and must be fair to all manner of people irrespective of their political affiliation as the President is doing.

“I am committed to my work and will focus on my core mandate in championing the local economic and social economic development of Ketu South.

Mr.Agbenornu stated that before he became MCE  he was NPP since and have held so many positions in the constituency and have even represented the party on national platforms – and so have been doing my very best in interacting with the party on regular basis.

According to him, the statement by the polling station executives that he conduct is creating disunity within the NPP in the area was out place, saying he is touched with the grassroots and the constituency executives as well as the communication team members of the NPP.

He explained that the Ketu South is dominated by the supporters and members of the Nation Democratic Congress (NDC) and there is no way “you can say you would not relate with NDC;  then who are you ruling?. Politics is about relationships.”

The MCE asserted that he invited the four members of the NPP who signed the earlier  petition of their grievances and copy to him but they declined, only one of them honoured and “we had a good conversation.”

He cautioned the unscrupulous people who are behind these few people to desist from that behaviour because their agenda to get him out of the office would not work for them.

He stressed that he very open to everybody and will still to give them the olive branch.

He said President is committed and focused and has charged his representatives to do so and with “God by our side we shall do our best for our people and merit another term.”


Source: Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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