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Scores rendered homeless after thunderstorms hit Agortime Kpetoe

Nearly fifty buildings have been destroyed by a rainstorm in Agortime Kpetoe in the Agortime Ziope district of the Volta Region.

According to Joe Soglo, a youth chief of the area, the rain caused flooding in many homes including the community hospital, leaving many people with no place to spend the night and forcing them to seek refuge with relatives and friends.

Power supply to the area has also been cut as some electricity poles were affected by the storm.

The people of Agortime Kpetoe are calling on the National Disaster Management Organization and the government to come swiftly to their aid.

“There was a thunderstorm. There were a number of buildings that developed cracks and others had their roofs removed. It affected our clinic. The maternity block is currently full of water. Now there is no electricity in the area because some of the poles were affected. We’ll need the government to come in and support immediately,” Joe Soglo added.

Assemblyman for the area, Kentle Agbobli says they need help to relocate the maternity ward of the Agortime Ziope District Health Centre especially since it gets affected by such flood-causing storms every year.

“The building is sinking, this was not its height. Every year, this place gets flooded and we were lucky there wasn’t a patient in the ward yesterday, the story would have been different. We need help to relocate the structure to a better environment. We are still coping with a chips compound when we have a 20-acre land that the government should develop to better serve the Agortime Ziope district. Honourable Kentle lamented.”

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