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‘Sexually abused’ househelps deported from Saudi Arabia

Some 22 Ghanaians have been deported from Saudi Arabia with harrowing tales of assault and sexual abuse, the Ghana Immigration Service has revealed.

In a statement, the Service said the deportees arrived within the past week and include one male.

The Ghanaians were aged between 21 and 38 years and worked in Saudi Arabia as househelps.

Faced with high unemployment, several African migrants travel to Saudi Arabia with the promise of a good pay. But they are often subjected to depravation.

The Ghana Immigration Service said in a report in 2015 that over 2,000 young Ghanaian women were stranded in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon only after five months of reaching the countries through fake recruitment agencies that promised them lucrative jobs.

Abused, gang-raped and left pregnant- Amina’s one-year hell in Saudi Arabia

Deport - GIS

Deport - GIS


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