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Hunor Gabriel Sowu



Togbi Horpoklo III , the Divisional Chief of Torvie, in Wheta traditional area of the Ketu North Municipality was cursed to die by the spirit of the very stool he occupies as a traditional ruler.

This dastardly act was committed by one of his subjects by the name of Hunor Gabriel Sowu who claimed that Togbi Horpoklo III provoked him to a fault when he sided with one self-acclaimed traditional priestess who called him a mysterious killer.

The stool gods did attack Togbi Horpoklo allegedly and Togbi became sick mysteriously and is now bedridden.

The family intervention in the traditional arbitration court of Togbi Sokpui ended inconclusively, whereas Hunor Sowu admitted he chose to curse him through the spirit of the gods because of the perceived offence. He therefore demanded the following items to pacify the gods and reverse the curse :

  • 2 Big ram
  • 1 Hen
  • 1 Cock
  • 2 Bottles of Schnapps

The family upon careful consideration of the seriousness of Togbi’s illness decided to offer

  • 1 Big Ram
  • 2 Bottles of Schnapps
  • Cock
  • 1 Hen

These items were handed over to Hunor Sowu to be use for the pacification rites, but he could not complete the rites as custom demands. The family therefore has no other alternative but to petition the Duamenefa Foundation for urgent intervention to save Togbi from the icy hands of death.

The timely interventions of the Foundation through investigations and interrogation of the parties through its medium, the Fafaa 100.3 FM, yielded a positive results as other traditional rulers including Togbi Bedi Ahadzi, former Regional Commander of Police, Volta Region, Togbi Agbeve Ayrim, Togbi Sokpui, among other chiefs summoned Hunor Gabriel Sowu to a public arbitration to answer why he choose to terminate the life of the traditional chief.

Present at the public arbitration held at Torvie Community Centre was The Director of National Commission for Civic Education, Ketu North, Mr. Prosper Apealetey who educated the public on the provisions of the constitution on matters of traditional jurisprudence.

The Ghana Police Service Dzodze Command provided securities to promote peace during the arbitration

Hunor Gabriel Sowu admitted during the public Intervention that he has invoked the wrath of the gods to compensate for his anger against the chief, without recourse to the provisions of the constitution in this regard, that his intention is to terminate the life of Togbi Horpoklo.

The chiefs recline to consultation having listened to all the parties and decided among others to hand over Sowu to the police. He was handed over to the police to be charge for threat of harm. He was further charged by the collection of traditional rulers to make sure he reverse the curse as soon as he is out of the police cell on bail, if not further charges will be proffered against him in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The timely interventions of the Duamenefa Foundation through its Executive President, Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe yielded the desire results

Hunor Gabriel Sowu is in the grip of the Dzodze police command for threat of harm and he also agreed to the verdict of the traditional arbitration to reverse the curse and pacify the gods appropriately.

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  1. The behavior of the inquetion is not the best.Mawuli from Dzodze.

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