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About nine year ago, within Dalikorpe, Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, a very strange growth, began to appear in between the face and neck area of a beautiful young woman named Esinam Gawu; the growth has developed and looking almost like a second face attached to her normal face.

According to Esinam, one day a family friend by the name Dome Dagba came to inform her that Mr. Sorkpa Kangaru confessed publicly that he is responsible for her strange sickness. The Gawu family, on hearing this allegation, quickly delegated Agbota Gawu to inquire from Mr. Sorkpa Kangaru, if the said allegation is true or a mere fabrication. Mr. Sorkpa confirmed to the family delegate that he truly manipulated the Juju powers on a cocoyam plantation behind his apartment, with the intention to harm anybody who attempt to pluck the leaves.

According to Mr. Sorkpa Kangaru, Esinam plucked the cocoyam leaves, hence she is suffering the consequences of the Juju powers he contracted from Amedzikorpe in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region. Mr. Kangaru therefore requested that the family of Esinam should produce certain items to pacify the gods and to reverse the juju powers.

The items include: One cock, a bowl of maize, pepper, onion, dry gin, a type of broom and 100 Ghana cedis. Without hesitation, the family claimed they produced the aforementioned items to Mr. Sorkpa and he allegedly performed the rituals on two different occasions yet the rituals could not yield the desire results, even though Sorkpa instructed Madam Esinam to strip naked during the process which she obliged.

The Gawu family next sought for an expert medical attention at the Ridge Hospital, Accra, where an operation was carried out to remove the growth, but the growth resurfaced twice after two consecutive operations over a period of two years.

Esinam allegedly continues to suffer sleepless nights and the inability to stretch her neck and feeding was also a challenge for the past 9 years, hence the family thought it wise to petition the Duamenefa Foundation for onward investigation and intervention.

The Duamenefa crew conducted  undercover investigations into the matter and subjected the parties to on air interrogations on its intervention radio, the Fafaa 100.3 Fm Dzodze, to ascertain the veracity of the allegations . During the interrogations Mr. Sorkpa admitted to the aforementioned allegations on air.

He was educated by the retired NCCE Director of Ketu, Mr. Francis Gota, on the provisions of the 1992 Constitution in the regards, and he was given the option to reverse the juju powers under the supervision of his traditional ruler, Togbi Dali III and set the woman freed or be handed over to the police for causing harm.

Mr Sorkpa agreed to free the woman to avoid the police case, but unfortunately Sorkpa turned around to inform Togbi Dali III that he could not trace the fetish priest who initiated him with the demonic power hence it would be difficult for him to heal the woman.

With the support of the elected Assemblyman in person of honorable Paul Atisey and other well-meaning individuals, Mr Sorkpa Kangaru, was handed over to the Dzodze police for further investigation and possible processing to a court of competent jurisdiction for redress.

Mr. Sorpa Kangaru being taken into custody

The Duamenefa Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with over 15,875 registered and certified volunteering membership scattered across the various communities of the Volta Region. Members are vested with the mandate to promote peaceful coexistence through research and investigation of issues bordering on spiritual manipulations and infringement of the fundamental human right of the vulnerable of the society, therefore the petition from Esinam Gawu was directed to the Executive President of the Foundation, and the CEO of Fafaa 100.3 Fm, Mr Emmanuel Ketaman Evortepe.

More to come…

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  1. Fafaafm we like your work so keep doing it

  2. This is so pathetic. All in the name of kontomire leaves? This man is so heartless. Infact, the police should not leave him at all.

  3. Ayikoo nami loo miawoele dordzi,
    Frank from kpedze Awlime

  4. This man is very very bad. He is a man who don’t deserve to be among human.

    • Aooooo.hummmmm this man is very wicked he deserve to die. Hummmm may Good have mercy on this woman to be free from that suffering.

  5. Mishiwo Edith Edinam

    Hmmm it’s soo pathetic…May the Lord be with us

  6. Hmm some people are very wicked, may God have mercy on our mother and bless you and the entire foundation.

  7. Hmmm eii till when our Volta people will change from this evil deer inside. 😠😠😠

  8. Hmm Keta man , this one there it is so pathetic and the question to ask is what the woman do to him that he can never forgive her oh God have mercy on us..

  9. Saviour Nyamadi

    this is very pathetic, Ketaman, kudos to you and your theam for the mavouse work you are doing, i followed the story on fafaa fm till today. i think the man sorkpa shd not be even granted bail. thank you.

  10. Attram Thywill

    Hmmmm infact only God can rescue this woman
    How can someone people be so heartless

  11. Attram Thywill

    How can some people be so heartless
    I pray God rescue this woman

  12. why is some people so heartless to just do your use their powers to destroy others life. Take the law into full action !

    • Good evening brethren and CEO of Duamenefa. May the good lord empower and energize you more. I really like this program. You’re really the VOICE of the VOICELESS . Due to your program, wicked people are repenting so keep on firing and educating. The vulnerables are in your hand and with your massive support, they live long. Fear is a sin and the wicked people have put total fear in them. Am so grateful. Shalom!!!

  13. Agamah Sylvester

    Hmmmmmmmmm it’s time for the whole world to leave for Christ and forgive especially Voltarians. God bless you Fafa

  14. Look at this nonsense… Like I always said some people must allowed themselves to be killed.

    Other tribes are thinking to be high while you guys there only think preventing rain to fall and whole stuffs.

    Ah…primitive juju people. Juju is good but you guys uncivilized.

  15. May the Lord have mercy on us and save our souls from evil doers.

  16. Hmmm i dont know why some peoples are not ready to change or repent from thier evil doings because fafa fm is doings this to change lifes nd to protect people but still so of them are still doing it thinking their wicked or what. Papa keta man may God bless u for the good work you are doing for our country.

  17. What is going on three leaves of cocoyam won’t it grow again

  18. Hmmmm is very pathetic that people are still showing their wicked life style. Ketaman please let stop all the fetish priest for doing anything. May God bless data Fm

  19. Emefa Queeneunice is

    Today is my first time listening to Fafa fm, may the good LORD bless you all for the good work. I realize that only useless people destroy others. God will surely judge him.

  20. Ooh no,this act is soo bad for a human being to endure.May God hv mercy for this juju man.

  21. This is an ungodly act from a who also has sister siblings. I hope and pray that the good Lord God will intervane on the part of our sister with the able help from the Duamenefa crews. Mr. Ketaman, God richly bless you and your entire crews for the wonderful work you are doing for the Eweland.

  22. Evans Kelvin Prince

    Hmmmm… sad
    This man, Sokpa Kangaru is indeed a heartless man….why??
    He took this issue too far….
    Is the woman not a married woman??
    This is very, very terrible…….i weep for this woman and pray for her to survive from this evil and devilish multiple sickness….

  23. Woooooh, so painful, because of maccani leaf

  24. Papa Ketaman congratulations for all work that you’ve doing this VOLTA REGION….. kudos, splendid and akpe namia kataa!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!

  25. A shirt can be longer to be wear but it cannot occupied the the position of sleeping cloth .never.

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